HighView Photography is an independent, locally owned and operated photographic operation servicing Christchurch, surrounding towns and rural districts in Canterbury.

Commencing operation in 2006, HighView Photography introduced vehicle based elevated services to Christchurch. We continue to offer real estate agents a local, independent, friendly, flexible photographic service which allows agents a cost effective method to have more flexibility in how their listing is photographed and also how it is marketed.

Customers can pick and choose from our services to create a photographic profile that best suits their marketing strategy.

We dedicate ourselves to each and every job and take pride in making sure it is done well. We ensure there is good communication throughout the process, a keen awareness of what is requested and an eye for detail to ensure we capture the best outcomes. We work very closely with our customers to understand any special requirements of their booking such as site contact, access, scheduling and any features of the site to be highlighted.

We welcome and value your input in the process as we strive to capture the best attributes and unique perspectives of your property or project. After all, you have developed your marketing strategy and we need to work with and support you to achieve that goal.