Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do onsite for you?

We take pride in doing the best job for our customers. Sometimes this entails moving a few things such as rubbish bins, the occasional trike, soccer ball or garden hose when we are shooting outside. Inside the house we will with permission tuck away unsightly cords, smooth bed linens and temporarily move day to day items to allow us to capture the house interior in its’ best light.

Can I pick and choose what services I want?

Absolutely! If you have a special requirement or want to configure which services you need for your project, just call us and we will happily discuss the task with you and provide a solution.

Do you take bookings that don’t require elevated photos?

Yes we do! Some properties and projects simply are not suited to an elevated perspective or the marketing plan you have is not geared for that feature. We work with you to ensure we deliver what you require and frequently provide just ground and internal photo shoots for customers.

What benefit does an elevated perspective give?

People are curious by nature and an elevated view of the house or property give people a perspective that captures the eye and imagination of prospective buyers. It is a view that helps you convey the relationship of the house to the grounds and surrounding properties or features.

How many photos can I expect to get?

We do not place a limit the number of photographs taken or supplied and generally provide multiple angles and perspectives of the property or internal rooms to give you plenty of options to tell your marketing story. Generally we provide around 5-10 elevated photos from various heights, perspectives and or positions; 10-15 outside ground photographs; 20-40 internal photographs capturing the house layout, features and character from multiple angles depending on the services you have requested.

How do you get the photos and when?

We generally download all photos while we are at site, if you at site with us during the job we can produce for you the photos on a custom CD in presentation case with supporting thumbnail prints within a few minutes of concluding the shoot. If you are not onsite with us then we can make arrangements to deliver the photos back to your office.

What is our coverage area?

We have a 30km travel radius from Christchurch central before any travel charges would be applied. This radius brings both Rolleston and Rangiora townships into our free travel zone.

We travel regularly throughout the mid Canterbury region and further afield by arrangement. We have undertaken assignments in Timaru and on the West Coast by request and are happy to discuss remote jobs.

What are our travel costs?

Outside of our 30km radius we currently charge $1.10 + GST per km beyond the radius. Special projects or large travel jobs may be priced individually, so if you have any questions or need a travel quote we would ask you contact us to discuss the details.